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Louis Noisin, Haitian senator in 1988

After the reign and eventual ousting of Jean-Claude Duvalier from the president's chair in 1986, a new constitution was need for Haiti to move forward. Louis Noisin served as one of the builders of this new group of fundamental laws, a contribution that was awarded two years later in January of 1988 when he was made a senator.

As irony would have it, Noisin only served four months on the seat before being himself dismissed amidst the deposing of President Leslie Manigat. It had been speculated that the entire election process had been rigged and a military junta proceeded to unseat the Haitian president and the president of the senate. It had been a bitter pill for Noisin, who said he had been hopeful for a new era for Haiti. Three months following the military coup which unseated him, Noisin left Haiti amidst growing danger.

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