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Haitian man lynched in Dominican Republic

A Haitian national was found on Wednesday dead with his body handing from a tree in Santiago, in the Dominican Republic. Dominican National Police said Wednesday that the body of the man, identified only as "Tulile," was found in Ercilia Pepin Park.

The Haitian man who was lynched was a shoe shiner. Six people have been questioned on the murder and released for lack of evidence

Lynching by hanging is an extrajudicial punishment, an informal public executions by a mob, , in order to punish or to intimidate a minority group.

Kreyol Pale, Kreyol Kompran

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At Least 45 Haitian Voodoo Priests lynched, accused of spreading cholera

It has been reported by the Haitian authority that at least 45 Voodoo priests in Haiti have been killed by the Haitian population because these people assumed the voodoo priests or Houngan, also sometimes called Mambo were responsible for the cholera outbreak in their community. The population suspected that these voodoo leaders have been spreading the cholera disease through their magic power.

It was also reported that these people were killed violently, either by machete, stone or sometimes, just burned to death.

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