Madame max Aldolphe

Francois Duvalier, the 40th President of Haiti, had a number of people who he used during his regime to impose his rules and methods of running his own government. A rule of guns, military power along with personality cult and voodoo, Francois Duvalier was responsible for the death of over 30000 Haitians. This not only struck fear and horror in the hearts of the people of Haiti when he was alive, it is something that Haiti has not recovered from ever since.


One of the significant figures of Francois Duvalier's regime was Madame Max Adolphe. Every leader has a group of deputies under him/her to take care of nationalistic duties. Madame Max Adolphe was one such individual under Duvalier's reign. She was what Duvalier, during his presidency, called his "right hand".

Being someone as highly ranked as the President, life threats and assassination plots are things that are normal. It was during one such assassination attempt that Madame Max Adolphe was noticed by Francois Duvalier. Madame Max Adolphe was back then known as Rosalie Bosquet. Though she was an officer who was ranked lower down the order in the Tonton Macoutes, Francois Duvalier was particularly impressed by her courage. It was this courage that made Francois Duvalier promote her to the position of "warden". She was particularly known for her style of questioning political prisoners.

During her reign, things such as brutal killings and frequent tortures were usual. She lost power when Francois Duvalier died and her son, Jean Claude Duvalier, assumed power.

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