Laurent Lamothe drifting away from his Presidential Dream

The dream for Laurent Lamoth to become the next president of Haiti seems to be diminishing. The BCEN that actually issued the verdict late yesterday to reject his candidacy really put some waters in his fire. The BCEN based their decision due to the absence of discharge.


In the meantime, Lamothe has been rallying his troop to apply some pressure on the CEP to allow him to participate in the election, which so far doesn't seem to be working. From radio presentation to news conference bot in Haiti and the Diaspora, nothing seem to be going on his favor.

The latest push came from US Senator and candidate for the next US presidential election, Marco Rubio. The Republican Senator proposed an amendment in the Haiti Act of 2014 recently passed and awaiting signatures. Senator Marco Rubio wants the U.S. Secretary of State to report on the attempts of eliminations from the political process in Haiti for political reasons. This seems to relate directly to the disqualify of former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe from elections. If any attempts to disqualify candidates for political office in Haiti for political reasons are found in the electoral process, this could put U.S. aid to Haiti in jeopardy.

It seems to me that Laurent Lamothe is now calling on his own "Blank" for help.

Lamothe ape mete bwa deye bannan li?

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Cesar says...

Sorry señor Rubio your lobbyist for Lamothe to be a candidate will not full the Haitian people.

You pled your case for the most corrupt prime minister in Haiti ever; however, we are not buying it. Maybe if you didn't open your mouth to the Haitian election then he would have a chance.

Your government had given us sweet Micky and we can't afford another Laurent gagothe to put Haiti in a deep hole as it is today.

Please señor, worry more about Cuba than Haiti and leave the Haitian people

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Audin Netptune says...

The only thing that could help Laurent Lamothe at this time is a Houngan.

Look at this, he went in front of the BCEN to plead his case, it did not work. He went on the airwave, it did not work. He went to the Diaspora to apply some pressure, so far that has not worked.

The latest push was the American Senator Marco Rubio who threatened the Haiti Act of 2014 recently passed, it did not work either.

The only thing left for Laurent lamothe to have a chance to participate in the next election is to pay a visit to Hogou Feray.

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Jenty Joseph says...

This was quite fast for the Republican Senator Marco Rubio to react on the current electoral crisis in Haiti.

Have you ever wondered why is it that Haiti, a country considered to be poor, has always been so important to the major players?

Why is is that there is more interest and so much investment from the international community to control the future of this small island and not so much effort are being dedicated to help it out of poverty?

The interest is clear, each country are looking out for their own interest.

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Daria Leopold says...

This is how it usually happens in Haiti.

Every single Haitian in power is relying on "Mr. Blank" to hemp him keep that power.

The reason is simple, they have a complex of inferiority.

They believe if the white man doesn't either approve or disapprove, things will not go anywhere.

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