Laurent Lamothe drifting away from his Presidential Dream

Audin Netptune - June 11 2015, 5:27 PM

The only thing that could help Laurent Lamothe at this time is a Houngan.

Look at this, he went in front of the BCEN to plead his case, it did not work. He went on the airwave, it did not work. He went to the Diaspora to apply some pressure, so far that has not worked.

The latest push was the American Senator Marco Rubio who threatened the Haiti Act of 2014 recently passed, it did not work either.

The only thing left for Laurent lamothe to have a chance to participate in the next election is to pay a visit to Hogou Feray.

At least, go find out about what is going on!

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Laurent Lamothe drifting away from his Presidential Dream

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