Andre Michel Proposes Mirlande Manigat for Prime Minister

Jocelerme Privert did not waist time after becoming Provisional President. Today, he met with Several Political personalities. One of which was Andre Michel. Andre Michel took the opportunity to let the President know who he would like to see as Prime Minister. His choice is Mirlande Manigat.


What do you think about this choice, Mirlande Manigat, as Prime Minister?

Do you think she has the temperament for the job?

What about her age? Mirlande may not have the energy required to be a prime Minister at this time?

Would she want to be a prime Minister if offered to her?

Haitian Kreyol:

Andre Michel Pwopoze Mirlande Manigat pou Premye Minis

Prezidan Pwovizwa Jocelerme Privert pa t 'gaspiye tan apre. Jodi a, li te rankontre ak Plizyè pèsonalite politik. Youn nan yo se te Andre Michel. Andre Michel te pran opòtinite pou li te fè Prezidan Privert konnen ki moun li ta renmen wè kòm Premye Minis. chwa li, se Mirlande Manigat.

Ki sa ou panse sou chwa sa a, Mirlande Manigat, kòm Premye Minis?

Ou panse li gen tanperaman pou travay la?

Ki sa ou panse de laj madam lan? Mirlande ka pa gen enèji ki egzije pou post Premye Minis nan moman sa a?

Eske Madanm Manigat ta pran job premye Minis si yo ofri li?

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