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Kenneth Merten and Peter Mulrean making new friends at the Haitian Parliament

I guess when you no longer have friends at the National Palace in Haiti, you try to make new friends with the other branches of the government. In light of the decision of President Jocelerme Privert to establish the Verification Commission at the opposition of the International community, Kenneth Merten and Peter Mulrean decided on the day of the installation of the Commission to pay a courtesy visit to the chamber of Deputy.

They met with about 17 Senators who were present and who were concerned about the current political crisis in Haiti. The found a supporter in Deputy Chancy who opposed the plan of President Privert to have a a single election in October.

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United States against a Commission of verification

The US has spoken on the Commission of verification of electoral process in Haiti and this will likely complicate instead of solving issues. The US Ambassador in Haiti, Peter Mulrean, made it clear that his country is not in favor of the creation of a new Commission of Verification noting that this commission might be subject to political influences. However, Ambassador Mulrean would want the recommendations of the Independent Electoral Commission of Verification be implemented instead

Will the Commission of verification take place?

What do you think?

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