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Haitian Politician Daniel Fignole

Daniel Fignole was Haitian politician. Fignole was born in 1913 in the coastal town of Pestel. Fignole recognized that education was the key to a better future. Therefore, at the age of 24, he went to Port au Prince in search of education and work. Being poor and not able buy a balanced diet made him to suffer from malnutrition. But this did not hider him from performing well in school. He passed well in his finals, making him to be enrolled in a good school. Later on he got a job as a teacher in children of Haiti's wealthy elite.

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Turnep Delpe over Amended Constitution

The head of state in Haiti was on Friday faced with challenge from the members of the senate including Turnep Delpe as he was preparing to publish the amended constitution. The head of the National progressive democratic party of Haiti, Mr. Turnep Delpe addressed the media saying that the amended constitution was not properly representing the views of the people of Haiti. He said that if the president would publish the constitution prior to the consensus of the senate, the will be a political divide in the country. President Michel Martely was expected to give consent to the publication of the constitution.

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Would you believe this? Tet kale is actually a new Political party in Haiti

This is true, the name Tet kale now means the newest political party in Haiti. This is one more in a land where political parties have reached an epidemic proportion.

According to Justice Minister Jean Renel Sanon on Thursday, the new party called the Haitian Tet Kale Party was registered at the Ministry of Justice and is in fact operational

Mezanmi, nou nan politik tet kale

Are you ready for more Zin?

The principal author is not a member. Haiti president, Michel Martelly who has the nickname "Tet Kale" is still under the banner of 'Repons Peyizan'.

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Ranmase Saturday ritual on Haiti Radio Caraibes

In Port-au-Prince in Haiti every Saturday, on the radio version of CNN's Crossfire, critics, politicians, wanting to be kingmakers, all arrive for a chance to spar verbal swords, accuse and debate on the future of Haiti.
Political Firefight

They are all ready to have the opponents shredded in the war to shape opinion of the public. There is no stop clock, no audience in the studio, no applause meter. The only thing to hear is the amplified sound of voices in Creole accent that emanate all through the city.

This political firefight is tuned into by all listeners from Haiti, Paris, Montreal and Miami. This is all happening in a nation where there has been a repression of free speech right from historical times.

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Major Changes in Haiti Political landscape with the Election of Michel Martelly

The election of Michel Martelly in the Caribbean country of Haiti marks the beginning of a new era. You are experiencing the beginning of a shift. This is a time when a new generation of Haitians is taking over to provide new leadership and at the same time allowing the old, to leave with grace.

The road will not be easy for them because this new generation of Haitian politicians will not have political experience. Don't worry; their common sense which is much higher than that of the old school will compensate for any lack in political experience.

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Funeral announcement for all Traditional Haitian politicians - Burial date: May 14

We are announcing with pain and regret the death of Traditional Haitian Politic with the passage of this Election disaster in Haiti. This natural disaster, although unavoidable, took the lives of so many who were dear to the Haitian people. The funeral will be held on May 14, 2011, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti in front of many Haitian and International observers.

Like many things we are use to for a long time, it will be hard for us to accept that those people who have dominated our political life for so long are no more.
The "Haitian Joudalist" is saying: "Traditional Haitian politic is over"

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Meet the candidates for Haiti Presidential election 2010

This is a picture of a total of 20 candidates registered for the Haiti presidential election scheduled for November 2010. As you can see, there are many people who are interested in the position.

Why so many are interested on the position?

As it has been in the past, presidential candidates always seem to know the problem of Haiti and a solution for it. Why then the continues to go down instead of improving its condition?

Do you think any of the current candidates has what it takes to bring Haiti to a path of prosperity. Will the next Haitian president bring a solution to our economic problem. Will the people affected by the earthquake of January 12 have housing, food and find work? Will the next president solve our ongoing problem related to security. Will we be able to enjoy some of the basic services such as electricity and water?

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Marie St. Fleur is back in Boston Politics

The Haitian American Marie St. Fleur is back with an appointment to a top post in Mayor Thomas M. Menino's administration. In this new role, St. Fleur will be responsible to help the mayor better direct city resources to families with children in underperforming schools, oversee the New Bostonians Office, and improve assistance to small businesses owned by women and minorities.

After a long silence, with revelations of personal financial problems that derailed the rising star's bid for lieutenant governor, Marie St. Fleur is back and she represents proud for the Haitian community in the Boston area.

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