Haiti Shows Great Advances In Anti-Poverty Efforts, According To UNDP

According to the latest Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) report for Haiti, there's an indicated remarkable advancement for the country in the health and education sectors in particular, Stephan Dujarric, said on Thursday.


The UN spokesman made the announcement during a daily news briefing. He said that the Haitian government has tried to achieve some of the MDGs and it is in the right direction towards development. The new report launched by the government of Haiti and United Nations Development Program (UNDP) indicated that some of the goals have been reached and others are almost to be reached. According to Dujarric, the enrollment in primary schools increased from 47% in 1993 to 88% in 2011, which also achieved almost equal participation of both girls and boys.

According to the statement from Dujarric, Haiti has managed to bring the number of underweight children to half three years before the deadline of the MDGs, 2015. The country has also decreased the infant mortality rate by 44%, from 1990, which is a historical record globally. The MDGs are eight set anti-poverty goals that have to be reached by the 2015 deadline mark. They were laid down so that every person in vulnerable areas can have their basis needs and wants met.

Some of the key things in the MDGs are reduction of poverty and hunger, universal education for children and food security, access to clean water and sanitation, the promotion of gender equality, a reduction in child mortality, improve maternal health, the combating of HIV/AIDS, protection of the environment and initiated global partnerships.

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