How to Defend Your Choice to Be Childfree

"Go forth and multiply", this statement by God is what made the first human beings in the Bible, Adam and Eve, to bear many children. With this in mind, reproduction has always been a common human activity and is one of the most significant aspects of being human.


The traditional family is composed of a man, a woman, and their children. Married couples are expected to have children, it is the norm. But as generations and times change, some single individuals and couples prefer not having children of their own. The reason behind their decision may be simple or complex and most likely be viewed by others as ridiculous and unreasonable. This sensitive matter sometimes cause family conflicts and rifted as close family members and relatives may not likely understand.

For individuals and couples who are lost on how to make their families understand that they don't want to have children, there are a few steps. One is to always remember that their families love them whatever their decisions and actions are. Another thing to always remember is to stand firm with the decision of not having children, to stick by it, and to make sure that no regrets will surface in the next years to come. They can also help their families understand their decision in their point of view. If this does not work, they should give them space to grieve on the decision.

Individuals and couples who have decided to not have children should not close the door to the advices and suggestions of their families. Family members always want the best for each other.

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