Maximum security Prison Break in Haiti, 13 days later, only partial list Out

In August, 2014, Haitian authorities reported that some 329 prisoners escaped from the Croix-des-Bouquets prison in Haiti, including wealthy businessman, Clifford Brandt who was accused for kidnapping.


Unlike most countries in the world, the authorities were unable to provide accurate information. Thirteen days after the prison break, authorities could only come up with a partial list as to who escaped. Can you imagine this? A maximum security prison where some of the most dangerous member of the Haitian society are incarcerated and the authorities did not keep count.


What is the definition for a maximum security prison in Haiti?

Did the authorities know exactly how many people have been incarcerated in Croix-des-Bouquets Maximum security prison?

Is there someone in charge of the prison? if, yes: who?

Why didn't the public ask for a press conference directly from the person in charge?

Why didn't the executive branch of government did not instruct the person in charge of the prison to hold a press conference to inform the public?

How come the Haitian media never asked for a press conference from that person either?

Pawol Pale, Pawol Komprann.......

Roy, roy, Pep Ayisyen mele!

Eske nou ape janm fè moun an Ayti pran responsabilite yo?

Koman no ka kompran, yo group moun krase yon prison an Ayiti et pa ginyin moun ki responsab!

kote moun kape touché comm chef prizon-an? Poukisa moun sa pa janm vini devan piblik la pou li esplike li.

Komman fè plis ke 13 jou apre prizon-an krase, moun yo paka vini ak list non et foto tout moun ki te sove?

Nou se yon pep ki nan vant, nou ponko fet, nou ponko pret pou fet

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Jules Casseus says...

Why are they afraid to give the names of those that broke out the prison this time, is The supper kidnapper one of them?

If so they will not catch him this time!
Maximum security

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Jules Casseus says...

Bagay sila red anpil.

Li Pi grav pase aksan

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Subject: Maximum security Prison Break in Haiti, 13 days later, only partial list Out edit

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