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International Police (Interpol) is now looking for Roro nelson for his arrest

The best friend of former Haitian president Michel Martelly, Roro Nelson, now has real problem. International Police (Interpol) is now actively looking for him. The Government Commissioner of Port-au-Prince made the request and it has been approved. Roro Nelson is officially a fugitive of the law and can be captured from anywhere in the world and brought back to face Haitian justice system. Government Commissioner Jean Danton Leger made the announce on Tuesday at a radio station in the Haitian capital. Multiple complaints have been filed against Roro Nelson for abuse of power under the government of Michel Martelly.

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Roro Nelson, now a fugitive sougth by INTERPOL

Roro Nelson is now a fugitive from Haitian justice, fleeing from custody. He is a wanted person. Government Commissioner Danton Leger was shocked to see Roro Nelson on Television participating in the Haitian musical event in Miami, Florida recently.

After more than 20 complaints against him with several court invitations left answered, Government Commissioner Danton Leger had issued an Arrest warrant against Roro Nelson. However; like many people, he was surprised to see Roro Nelson in Miami, performing with former President Michel Martelly. Mr. Leger intends to seek the help of The International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) to capture Roro Nelson and bring him to justice

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Warrant issued against Roro Nelson after shunned two invitations

Contrary to what many people thought, Roro Nelson did show the weight of his "Melon" by not showing once again to an invitation on Friday of Government Commissioner of Port -au-Prince Danton Leger. After mocking the Haitian justice, a warrant was issued to forcefully bring him to court. According to spokesman prosecutors Mirlande Dupiche Prévost, the warrant was issued against Roro Nelson after he shunned two invitations of the Government Commissioner of Port -au-Prince me Danton Leger.

To be continued..........

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Jean Danton Leger proves Roro Nelson to be a bluffer

Roro Nelson attempted to bluff Government Commissioner Jean Danton Leger; it did not work. We just learned that the all mighty aid to former President Michel Martelly is currently in front of Government Commissioner Jean Danton Leger, answering to accusations levied against him. The time of his appearance was Friday, April 15, 2016 at 1:00PM.

After this much publicized rejection from Roro Nelson to the invitation of Government Commissioner Danton Leger, I was expecting a more courageous reaction.

Does anyone remember the scene from Maurice Sixto: Ba Li Booloooova", I woud agree with the peanut street vendor:

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Roro Nelson did not respond to the invitation of Me Jean Danton Leger

Who will finally retreat. Two people with strong personality and self confidence are in a fight to show to the public who is the strongest. After much publicized invitation of Roro Nelson to present in Court yesterday, the man neither showed his face not present any excuse for his absence.

Roro Nelson did not respond to the invitation of Government Commissioner Jean Danton Leger to answer to those complaints brought against him. In a press conference, the chief of Parquet of Port-au-Prince yesterday stated that a second letter will be sent shortly to Roro Nelson, inviting him once again. If he continues to ignore the request, actions provided by Haitian justice system will be taken against him.

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Roro Nelson unable to justify Security provided by six PNH officers

Three days following the end of the government of Michel Martelly, The PNH continues to provide security protection not only to President Michel Martelly, not only to his family but also to someone who did not have an official function at the national palace. As of February 9, 2016 or three days after the end of the government of Michel Martelly, Roro nelson was still enjoying the benefits and privileges for being a close friend of Michel Martelly. As Roro Nelson was enjoying himself on Mardi Gras, the last day of the Carnival season, about 6 Police Officers from the PNH was on duty assuring his protection.

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Presidential Advisor Ronald "Roro" Nelson Defends His Reputation

Ronald Nelson, known by his popular name Roro Nelson, advisor to President Michel Martelly, has been accused of three separate incidences of violence he is alleged to have committed, one involving an ex-girlfriend. Speaking at a press conference, he refuted all charges against him, blaming the Haiti press for printing lies, damaging his reputation.

His ex, Astride Pantal, accused him of an assault to her person with a deadly weapon, which he denies. But the Dorchester County, Massachusetts Court has put him on probation for the incident. In another violent episode, a woman accused Ronald Nelson of pulling out a hand-gun and threatening her with it.

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Boston Court gave Ronald (Roro) Nelson Permission to go to Haiti

The "Haitian Joudalist has learned that Roro Nelson who was accused of assault and battery on his ex-girlfriend Marie Astrid Pantal Walsh at BMC Dorchester court in Boston was giving authorization to go to Haiti. His passport was confiscated by a judge after his conviction.

According to a press released obtained by Radio station "Radio Kiskeya" in Port-au-Prince, Ronald (Roro) Nelson will arrive in Haiti on Saturday, December 17, 2011 and will holld a press conference upon arrival.

Roro Nelson was a name that came often in the recent case of Deputy Arnel Belizaire. According to some rumors, Roro Nelson wanted picture of the Haitian Deputy as he was being arrested for his own satisfaction.

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