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A model garden on the MH4H campus in Savanette. Haiti

With its utilization of drip irrigation, a technique ideally suited to the terrain in Haiti, the newest program of MH4H has created what is a garden off which all other gardens should, probably, be fashioned. Harvesting Hope, as it is called, is used to teach the necessary vegetable growing techniques to families who aspire to feed themselves as well as sell their wares at their local markets.

The prototype garden can be found on the Savanette campus of MH4H. The model has been so successful at producing food, the organizers have started planting other gardens with various families within the community that surrounds the campus.

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Food distribution in Savanette may have caused rise in Pregnancy

Non-government agency, USAID, has been sponsoring the Multi-Year Assistance Program (MYAP) to hand out food to women, who are pregnant, and mothers of young children under two years of age. But it has run up against harsh criticism from agencies like Haiti Grassroots Watch (HGW). The program is administered by World Vision (WV), and it is being charged with the noteworthy rise in pregnancies in girls as young as 12 years.

The town being focused on, in particular, is Savanette, where townspeople, agricultural specialists, and the recipients themselves think MYAP has caused the rise in pregnancies. The increased pregnancy rate is linked to high rates of food insufficiency among the population. FEWSNET states Savanette qualifies as a chronically-stressed community, where malnourishment rises almost to the level of a famine state. It is no surprise young girls are conceiving children--one after the other--to get staple items to stave off hunger. The repercussions of higher birth rates are families can't provide necessities like healthcare and an education for their children.

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Food distribution program in Savanette suspected for increase in pregnancy

What a parallel!

You give me more food and I will produce more babies

It has been reported that a food distribution program in the town of Savanette is suspected to be the principal reason for an increase in pregnancy among girls and women in the area.

A USAID-funded World Vision food assistance program that started in 2008 until September 2013 in several communities around the town of Savanette has been distributing food to pregnant women and mothers of children from six to 23 months old.

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The Town of Savanette in Centre Department of Haiti

Savanette, a cityship within Lascahobas Arrondissement, is located in the Centre Department of Haiti. As a third-level administrative division, it contains two sub-divisions, Savanette and The Hague.

Possessing the typical tropic climate, green hills adorn Savanette with a refreshing and pure river that plummets down into a glen. At the base of the hills, a swimming site, known as Basin Longe, beckons natives with cooling waters on hot days. Before the building of a well in Savanette, residents were forced to trek hours to find water. Since Water 4 a Billion, a non-government organization, finished the well, the population has been saved the trouble of hiking many miles for access to clean water.

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The Beauty Of The Town Of Savanette

The Town of Savanette, Haiti

Haiti's Lascahobas Arrondisement is comprised of several cities and towns, one of which is Savanette. Among the best things about Savanette, which has two communes, is its clean surroundings and natural abundance.

When you are in Savanette, you can see green hills that give more life to the town and make it attractive. These green hills are not the only things to expect in the town, which also have a very clear river that sends water down the valley. The clarity of the water is a beauty to behold. Not only that, it actually benefits the 33,000 people living in the town. Because the water is clean and clear, a swimming spot has been built in the area. People go to the Basin Lounge to swim in the cool waters. Moreover, a non-government organization built a well near the area to provide easier access to clean water. With this, residents no longer have to spend 2 hours to fetch some clean water. They can already get it without having to travel far.

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