Nouveau College Bird celebrating its 50th anniversary in Haiti

The year of 2010 brought many changes to Haiti, and to the Nouveau College Bird. It was to be the year of their 50th anniversary, and at the beginning, the college was decimated by the earthquake, a second time of desolation for the school in its impressive 50 year past.


Named after the American Methodist missionary Rev. Mark B. Bird, the Nouveau suggests rightly that the school had been reborn once before. It began as Wesley College, a school for both boys and girls, in the 1840's. After Bird's death in 1880, the school was moved and given its new name, then, College Bird. A fire gutted that building and today, after a build in 1960, Nouveau College Bird stands at the spot.

As great this list of misfortunes, short but devastatingly effective, the school has maintained a fighting spirit, comforted by a series of favorable events, most recently the survival of all the students and staff of the school after the January 2010 earthquake. Their October 22-23 celebrations later that year was attended by 1,300 students and was a celebration for all who'd returned, the commencement of regular school activities, and also a remembrance for those who lost their lives and homes because of the earthquake.

The president of MCCA (Methodist Church of the Caribbean and Americas was there to preach at the event which also featured music from three choirs and, among other festivities, a basketball match. As the slow build for the, once again new, Nouveau College Bird resumes, tents and temporary structures will become firm walls once again, matching the firm foundation upon which the school was founded.

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