Over 60% of schools in Haiti have no drinking water or toilet

"Water is life", and "education is the key to the future", right? There is also cleanliness and its import to Christianity. When all three of these edicts are being railroaded in the Haitian school system, the prospects look dire for the nation's children trying to forge an education without drinking water or even the use of toilets in over 60% of the schools in the country.


About a month before the start of the Haitian school year, 2014, representatives of the Human Rights Watch visited schools along the Haitian Central Plateau, to evaluate the sanitation conditions and access to water at the various facilities. The results showed none of the visited schools were in compliance with the guidelines set out by the government for proper school hygiene. The Human Rights Watch calculated that nearly 60% of the schools have no access to toilets and that 3/4ths are without drinking water.

Amanda Klasing, researcher for women's rights at Human Rights Watch, would have The World Bank take the initiative to address the problem, which makes it impossible for children to attend school without the risk of contracting a waterborne disease like cholera. Recommendations for such an initiative include the implementation of a water and sanitation plan nationally throughout schools, the integration of water and sanitation programs in investments already geared towards education, and a meeting with the government and the Ministry of National Education and Professional Development to brief The World Bank on the basic requirements of sanitation facilities within schools.

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