The Elected Senators of the 50th Legislature in Haiti

On Tuesday, January 12, 2016, fourteen newly elected Senators were sworn and received their scarves at the Senate of the Republic in the presence of the Andris Riché, the President of the Upper House. In Haiti, the Senate has 30 members, three per department, who are elected by popular vote to serve 6-year terms and one-third of the Senate is elected every two years. However, it has been operating with only 20 of 30 seats filled due to cancelled elections. The 14 new elected Senators will join 6 others who will be elected in the next by-election. The 'bureau of age' is composed of Senator Andris Riché, and the two younger Senators Antonio Cheramy and Jean Marie Solomon.


During the occasion, Andris Riché delivered a speech and regretted the absence of elected woman in the Senate through this election. The names of the political parties and platforms from where these 14 Senators have been elected are: 3 from KID party (Konvansyon Inite Demokratik), 3 from the Vérité platform (co-founded by René Préval), 2 from PHTK (Parti Haïtien Tèt Kale) and 6 from various trends parties having single representatives.

Three Senators, Steven Benoit, Wesner Polycarpe and Jean Baptiste Bien Aimé who had earlier boycotted the session, were seen in the Senate since January 14, 2016. Steven Benoit had implicated that Hans Tippenhauer, his political party's leader, has benefited Jovenel Moise through electoral fraud on October 25, 2015 election. As per news dated January 22, 2016, the office of the Senate is now composed of Jocelerme Privert, assisted by Ronald Lareche (party Verite, Nord'Est), Lucas Sainvil (party Inite), Fritz Carlos Lebon (party Inite) and Steven Benoit (party Alternative) who represents the opposition. Earlier, Youri Latortue from Ayiti An Aksyon (AAA), Artibonite, sought the Presidency of the Senate, but he withdrew himself from the contest and Jocelerme Privert of the party Inite, was elected by 15 votes out of 24.

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