The United Nations Day

October 24, 1945. This is the date when a charter by five permanent Security Council member states was ratified. It is after the ratification when the United Nations, commonly known as UN came into force. The five members include; United States, the United Kingdom, France, the Republic of China and the Soviet Union.


It is in 1948 when the 3rd anniversary of the occasion was conducted. From that year the day, October 24, has been called the United Nations Day. It is a day to highlight, reflect and celebrate the work that the United Nations and it's various committed agencies have done to the world.

The United Nations day is set to be a day of national observance and not a public holiday. On this day the United Nations many headquarters get busy organizing various activities. Some of the activities include; flying the organizations flag on important buildings, debates, concerts and public speeches by state leaders. The UN main offices are found in Geneva, New York, the Hague, Vienna and Nairobi.

The birth of the United Stations began during a conference in San Francisco, United States held on April 25, 1945. The conference was about International Organization. The UN became official on October 24 the same year when a UN charter was ratified.

The United Nations Day was for the first time observed on October 24, 1948.

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