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Verification Commission increases sample from 15% to 25%

The Tabulation center is finally under the control of the Commission of Verification. On Thursday, search of the truths, the Verification Commission moved to the Tabulation center with over 60 specialists to start their challenging task of evaluating whether or not there wwere frauds of irregularities in the past election, and if so who did it.

One very important point to note, the Commission has increased its sample. Instead of the 15% originally stated, the Commission of Verification will sample 25% of the "Proce-Verbals". They will be working under close supervision of various Political Parties.

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BCEN authorized verification at the Tabulation Center Vote

The BCEN has authorized verification at the Tabulation Center Vote by Maryse Narcisse and Vilaire Cluny Duroseau. Both of them were told to come on Thursday to conduct their verification. While Candidate Cluny took the BCEN on his words and went to do the verification as requested, candidate Maryse Narcisse told BCEN to hold his horse. She want to have enough time to build a competent team to do that and scheduled her verification for Saturday, November 21. According to Moise Jean Charle, he was also invited by the BCEN to verify the minutes at the tabulation center, declined the invitation. Jude Célestin on the other hand said that he was not contacted.

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