From "Tet Kale" to "Kale Tet", Martelly's slogan turning against him

Is the popular and famous slogan "Tet Kale" that contributed to the election of Michel Martelly is now turning against him? One might think so if you have been listening to the opposition lately. Michel Martelly had so much success with the slogan "Tet Kale", he recently made the decision to form a new political party named "Tet kale"


One thing I am sure Michel Martelly did not think about in selecting the popular slogan "Tet Kale", is how easy it would be to turn it to a critic against his own government.

Maybe the opposition should thank the Haitian Creole language for its various abilities, one of which is the ability to completely the meaning of words by just switching their position. The slogan "Tet Kale" has been working so well for Michel Martelly, that is until people started calling it a government of "Kale Tet".

Here are some of the reasons why Michel Martelly would prefer his government not to be called "Kale Tet". His government has been accused for the following:

- Death of Judge Jean Serge Joseph

- Corruption

- Allegation that during and after the 2010 election, Michel Martelly had accepted $2.6 million in bribes by Dominican Republic construction company

- Tampering with the Haitian judicial system, in a case involving alleged corruption by Martelly's wife and son

- Mismanagement of fund

- Martelly government is shoveling money out of the national treasury to family and friends

- Haitian president traveled abroad, the state would pay him $5,000 per day for expenses

- $3.4 million indemnity paid to Haiti by Uruguay went unannounced and now cannot be accounted for by the Martelly administration.

If any of the above mentioned allegations happen to be truth, the slogan "Kale Tet" would be more appropriate to describe the Government of Michel Martelly

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Subject: From "Tet Kale" to "Kale Tet", Martelly's slogan turning against him edit

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