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Tips To Help You Survive A Tornado

Though the number of deaths caused by tornadoes is not high, it is advisable to take necessary measures. A research done by Environment Canada indicates that, the probability of being killed by a tornado is one to 12 million. The chances are too low. However, we cannot take risks. Other than death of human beings, tornadoes can cause havoc. Tornadoes damage properties, displaces physical objects, brings down buildings and can easily toss cars.

Whenever signs of a tornado are observed a tornado warning is issued. You need to listen to news from your local radio and TV station for tornado warnings.

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What is a Tornado?

Tornadoes are experienced in almost everywhere in the world. Relative to land area, the United Kingdom is the most tornado prone country. However, the United States is hit by tornadoes more than any other country in the world.

Tornadoes occur in storms. The development of tornadoes has not been vividly explained. The process has not been fully understood. Nevertheless, it is explained that, when warm air is forced to rise through a layer of overriding cold air, the result is a tornado. Tornadoes may form in the absence of convection though. Another phenomenon that is believed to be an ingredient of tornado formation is the existence of strong surface temperature differences.

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How to Stay Safe during a Storm

When a weather bulletin predicts an extremely violent storm headed in your direction, pay attention to the time they expect the storm to hit your area.

Gather your family members when storm conditions indicate high danger, and get to a pre-determined place in your home you will use as a shelter.

Find flashlights in accessible storage areas, where you've stored them ahead of time. Have one on you at all times before and during the storm.

Prepare your children by explaining what will happen and how you'll all stay safe. Be calm for them; they are depending on you.

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Guidelines for Being in a Car or Outside during a Disaster

If you are driving a vehicle on the road and see a tornado, stop, get out, and search for a ravine, ditch, or gully. Flatten yourself against the ground for best protection.

Avoid being near trees, power lines, or any objects likely to fall on you. Avoid crests of hills or promontories.

Should a violent thunder and lightning storm strike, while you are operating a vehicle, stop and park. Remain in your vehicle until the storm has moved on.

During a storm, avoid trees and large objects that are lightning attractors.

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