Some of the worst New Car-Buying Mistakes

Buying a new car may be one of your biggest financial investments you will ever make. There is a lot at stake, including time, money and your family's driving happiness for years to come. Here we have compiled some common car buying mistakes to help ease your anxiety. Just avoid these missteps to have a successful car buying experience.


(1) Never neglect to research online;

(2) choosing the wrong car for your need;

(3) Failing to do a thorough test-drive;

(4) Buying a new one when used was quite OK;

(5) Succumbing to feature trap;

(6) Blowing your planned budget;

(7) Neglecting to research your trade-in;

(8) Shopping at just one dealership;

(9) Thinking in monthly payments instead of price; and

(10) Skipping the call to your insurance agent.

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