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Laurent Lamothe, Evans Paul, 13 Ministers hit with travel ban

There is an effort to clean the house and it seems that no one is protected. At least 13 former Ministers have been prohibited from leaving the country. From Former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe to Evans Paul and to over a douzen former ministers under the government of Michel Martelly, they all have to answer to the court before they can leave Haiti.

Here is the list of former Minister banned:
- Jean François Thomas, Former Environment Minister
- Jacques Rousseau, Minister of Public Works
- Stephanie Balmyr Vildrouin, Ministry of Tourism
- Florence Duperval Guillaume, Minister of Public Health
- Olicier Pieriche, Ministry of Haitians Living the abroad,
- Lener Renaud, Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defence
- Yverose Morquette, Women condition
- Jude Hervé Day Trade
- Ariel Henry, ministries of Interior and social Affairs,
- Pierre Richard Casimir of Foreign Affairs and justice
- Rothchild Francis Junior communication.

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Wilson Laleau self invitation to Parquet did not affect his travel interdiction

The former Minister of Finance under Martelly-Paul administration, Wilson Laleau, is still unable to leave the country. Family members, friends living outside of the country will have to wait a while before they can see Mr. Laleau. Contrary to what his attorney, Reynold Geoges, has been saying that his client would not go to the Parquet, on Tuesday, May 17, 2016, the former Minister of Finance invited himself to the Parquet de Port-au-Prince, hoping to convince the Chief of the Parquet to remove the travel restriction; however it did not happen. After spending more than two hours responding to various questions, he came out empty handed.

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Gaillot Dorsinvil hit with Interdiction to leave Haiti, as he was removed from American Airline

I don't thing the former President of the Provisional Electoral Council in Haiti is going anywhere soon. Gaillot Dorsinvil was removed from

At Toussaint Louverture, everything was set for depart. The American Airlines plane already left the gate, doors closed, the engine running, the pilot told all flight attendants: " All flights attendants, please take your sit as we are ready for take off". Suddenly, Order for Gaillot Dorsinvil to return to the runway and to get back to the airport. The Minister of Interior, Me Thierry Mayard-Paul, called to block the American Airlines plane from leaving.

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