Pamela white Steps in as the US Ambassador to Haiti

Pamela White was among the three new ambassadors to Haiti along with Peter Klaus from Germany and Maria Barrios from Honduras. Pamela was sworn in as the new US ambassador by president Obama taking over from Kenneth H. Merten, who has to been transferred to Croatia for the same diplomatic post. She was received cordially by Haitian President, Michael Martelly, in a ceremony held on the 3rd of August, 2012.


For a long time, Mrs. Pamela White has been an outstanding US representative in the international Diaspora and she was recently serving as the US ambassador in Gambia before being transferred to Haiti. She was also the Mission Director of the US Agency for International Development in Liberia, where she made invaluable contribution to the project's success.

President Michel Martelly expressed his sincere gratitude on her arrival and promised to work in good will with her in maintaining the good relationship between US and Haiti. Just recently, Martelly crowned the former US ambassador to Haiti a National Order of Honor and Merit credit after his worthy service as the US ambassador to Haiti. He as well expressed his confidence on the incoming US ambassador, Mrs. White, in establishing a fruitful relationship between US and Haiti as it has always been in the recent past.

This is not the first time that Pamela is serving in Haiti as she was among the USAID group serving Haiti for the period between 1985 and 1990, which puts her in a better place in performing her duties in this country. Mrs. White embraced her new position in Haiti and promised to work closely with Haiti's government in its projects geared towards stimulating Haiti's economic growth and improving the living standards of its countrymen.

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