Action Plan Six Months before the Wedding

Six months before your wedding is not too soon to begin planning it. Here are some action guidelines.


What kind of wedding do you want? Will it be a religious ceremony held in a church, synagogue, or chapel? Or an informal garden or backyard wedding? You need to consider time of day as well. Choose a date now to make reservations for the ceremony and reception sites. And sign up for the bridal gift registry.

Where would you like the reception to be held? At a rented hall, at home, or a tented affair in the garden are some options. Make these decisions according to your budget and preferences. Depending on whether your wedding is to be formal or informal will decide the size of your budget, as well as how many guests you want to invite, and the size of your wedding party.

When choosing the color scheme, bridesmaids' dresses, flowers, favors, and invitations, find a friend or two, who have talent in this area, to help you if your budget is modest.

Choose music for the ceremony according to your tastes and hire a band or dj, who comes with good references. You don't want your day spoiled by inappropriate music or song choices.

When you select a wedding photographer, be sure they come with good references also. You want your wedding and reception photos to reflect the special-ness of the day.

If you're having a religious ceremony, get pre-marital counseling with the officiator of the service.

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