Top ten important Facts you should know about Hurricane

Hurricane is a type of tropical cyclone that can cause a lot of damage.


Hurricane is associated with strong winds and rains. But how is it formed? How does it move? And how long does it usually last? These are only some of the questions that many people ask and this article contains important facts about hurricane.

A hurricane forms when water reached a depth of at least 200 feet and a temperature of more than 80 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the higher the water's temperature, the stronger the hurricane will be. When its center passes the coastline, the hurricane would make its landfall. It has an "eye," which is a low-pressure center, as well as an "eye-wall" that is actually its strongest part. From the Northern Hemisphere, hurricanes move counterclockwise while it makes an opposite turn when in the Southern Hemisphere.

Usually, hurricanes can go on for ten days, creating a lot of damage in communities. It can be very dangerous and that is why a news watch is launched every time a hurricane is forming. This gives people time to prepare.

While all people are wary of hurricane and its devastating impact, it actually does something good to the environment. Hurricanes help move hot air to the poles, balancing the Earth's temperatures and making it livable for people and animals.

Hurricane is not the only term used for a tropical cyclone. The terms typhoon and cyclone are also used depending on the area where the disaster occurs. Hurricanes also have different names and the World Meteorological Organization has a list of names to choose from. However, it removed the names of hurricanes that created too much devastation such as Katrina, Camille, Andrew, Hugo, Bob, and Fran.

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