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Video of Hotel Royal Oasis in the middle of raging fire

Luxurious Hotel Royal Oasis In Petion-Ville

Here is the most revealing video of the Oasis after fire was set on the ground. All the cars parked in the hotel were burned. The cars in Universal Motors were also burned

It has been reported that at least seven people have been killed in Haiti during the protest over a significant rise in gasoline prices. Demonstrators burned tires in the streets, looted several shops and set cars on fire.

With the announcement of the Haitian government to raise fuel price up by 38%, 47% and 51% for gasoline, diesel, and kerosene respectively on July 6, 2018, violent demonstrations broke out across the country. The crowd placed barricades that blocked the main routes and burned many vehicles. They did not spare the beautifully manicured tropical landscape as well as magnificent views of the city. Dense black smoke covered the city. So far, at least seven people killed and dozens of businesses were looted or vandalized. The mob set fire on the most elegant city hotel 'Hotel Royal Oasis' in Port-au-Prince. The hotel is located in the modern and safe neighbourhood of Petion-Ville near many embassies, government agencies and international corporate offices. All the cars parked in the hotel were burned.

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Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) to pay Haiti's parametric insurance

As per news reports dated June 7, 2017, the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) has approved a grant to Haiti to cover the country's 2017-2018 parametric insurance premiums with CCRIF SPC (formerly the Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility). The Bank will provide $3.5 million (for the fifth consecutive year) to meet the cost of the premiums for tropical cyclones, earthquake and excess rainfall coverage on this insurance premium account. CDB has further committed for continual support through regular parametrical insurance premium and other assistance and support mechanisms which aim to build resilience to the impact of natural hazards.

"Parametric Insurance" is a form of catastrophe insurance that covers mostly unusual weather events. It is a type of insurance that does not indemnify the pure loss, but ex ante (before the event) agrees to make a payment upon the intensity on the occurrence of a triggering event. It is a type of insurance, reinsurance or risk transfer arrangement that does not indemnify the full loss for the protection buyer. Under a Parametric Insurance contract, the parameters on which the ultimate payment is calculated normally include a weather or geological observation index, like rainfall over a defined period or average temperature or wind speeds for hurricanes, the intensity of an earthquake at specific locations. The lack of adequate insurance against natural catastrophe is very acute, especially in developing countries. It is a sad reality that the developing nations like Haiti are often the most exposed nations to natural catastrophes and they are also the least equipped to shoulder such losses.

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Fire killed 4 people in one family in Vaillant, Cap-Haitian

Fire at former local Maritime and Navigation Service of Haiti (SEMANAH)

This took place on the night of July 27 and 28, 2016 in Cite Blue Hills in cap-Haitian where 36 year old Anne-Rose Bel-Amour perished in a fire with her two children Nowens Jean age 3 and 4 day old baby Kervens Jean, and another relative, Vedeline Compere who was 6 years old. The origin of the fire has not yet been determined; howeve, according to Horace Jean, the father of the baby, in the room where the fire seems to be originated, there was a lamp and a gallon of gasoline stored there as well. This probably explains why the fire started so quickly without giving anyone there at the time a chance to evacuate

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Flood in Arcahaie, Leogane, Cite Soleil, Cap-Haitian

Haitian woman being carried as her house flooded

It doesn't take much to have flooding in Haiti. Following heavy rains in several municipalities in the country recorded mass flooding yesterday (May 27, 2016). A man died as a result of a landslide in carrefour where over thirty homes have been flooded. Haitian authorities are asking the population in several regions of the country such as Arcahaie, Leogane, Cite Soleil, Cap-Haitian to remain vigilant.

What do you think?

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Flooding in Haiti, four dead, thousands of families affected

Flooding in Haiti, thousands of families affected

Heavy rains on May 7, 8 and night in Haiti have caused death and destructions in Haiti. At Morne Caillot, in Port-de-paix, a man in his 20s along with his wife died as a result of a wall that gave up. Two others were injured in that accident.

The body of a 40 year old man was found in Kolin, after he was drowned in the water of Morne chandel.

In the South, a man in his sixties drowned as he was attempted to cross River Moreau.

In Baraderes, Department of Nippes, a total of 2783 families have been affected by flooding with 2860 homes flooded.

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Ecuador where 30,000 Haitians live, hit by 7.8 magnitude earthquake

Ecuador and Haiti flags

A violent 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Ecuador last Sunday morning. The death toll has soared to 272 and Vice President Jorge Glas had estimated that more than 2,527 people were injured. There have been reports of extensive damage in the southwest of the country such as Guayaquil and coastal Manabi Province where it is hard to reach the victims. The cities of Manta, Portoviejo and Pedernales were the most devastation but he entire country is affected.

There is a large Haitian community living in Ecuador and some of them are expected to be among the victims of this 7.8 magnitude earthquake. According to the most recent estimates, more than 30,000 Haitians are living in Ecuador. So far, not many relatives and friends have heard about them.

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Gas tanker explosion and flooding, both in Leogane

Gas tanker explosion in Chavanne, Carrefour Dufort

We learned that a gas tanker that was on its way to the city of Leogane exploded and burned several cars. The accident took place on Wednesday, April 13 around 5:00pm in the National route Number 2. This is the second tanker accident in just a few weeks. Recently, a Total gas station in Hinche was engulfed in flames, killing several individuals and burning down 3 vehicles.

By the way as a result of the torrential rain that fell on the city of Leogane between April 12 and 13, the city of Leogane is flooded as a result of the overflow of River Rouyonne

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Fire at the Cubano Renamed Le Perroquet in Petion-Ville

On Monday, April 4, 2016, a major fire ravaged one of the oldest hotel-restaurants "Cubano" in the upscale hilltop suburb of Petionville overlooking Port-au-Prince. "Cubano", the twelve room hotel was renamed as 'The Perroquet' (The Parrot) in 2012 where regular concerts and parties for promotion of traditional Haitian culture were organized and which was an integral part of Petion-Ville's night life. The hotel was situated on a great location, very close to the market street of rue Lamarre and had a unique combination of careful protection, informed guidance and local style. It was an easy-going guesthouse in the heart of Petionville. After the fire, only the walls of 'Cubano' remain among the charred debris.

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Major fire in Petion-Ville, look how we use our firefighters back home

Firefighters fighting fire in Haiti by the bucket

A major fire took place in Petion-Vill today(April 4, 2016) causing major damages. According to some eyewitnessess, the fire started around 8:00am this morning inside a small Marche in Petion-Vill.It quickly moved and burned several houses in th area. We also the population received the help of the local firefighting unit in the area but it was not of much help. As you can see in this picture the population was transporting water from the fire fighting truck by bucket in a desperate attempt to bring the fire under control.

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Gary Bodeau and allies to donate March and April salaries to Hospital in Hinche

Deputy of Delmas, Gary Bodeau

According to Valery Numa of Radio Vision 2000, the Deputy of Delmas, Gary Bodeau said that all the Deputies in the Alliance Parliamentary bloc for Haiti have agreed to donate their salaries to help the victims of the recent gas station in Hinche. That includes salaries for two months(March and April) that will be donated to the hospital in Hinche

I would like to have some type of progress report on this

What do you think?

Depite Gary Bodeau ak alye di li ape fè don Mas ak Avril salè yo pou lopital nan Hinche

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