Zouk propaganda narcissism or denial?

Daniel Pierre - May 5 2013, 6:50 AM

This article lacks of accuracy; it is a piece of propaganda.

First, the fast carnival zouk beton, the only zouk style was a mix of gwo ka, biguine, African and kadans or compas with the full use of the MIDI technology.

It faded away in the same 80s. The kassav's song "siye bwa" is a good example of fast carnival zouk beton.

Zouk love is the French Antillean Compas music.

Meringue compas or cadence has been adopted by French Antilleans since the 50s. Kassav music repertoire is 85% Compas.

In Africa and several places compas is incorrectly known as zouk.

There is no connection between zouk and Exile One and Grammax; for they were cadence bands featuring reggae, calypso and mostly mid-tempo cadence tunes.

Also the Creole word zouke meaning shake was introduced by Haitians artists who toured Martinique and Guadeloupe during the late 70s to early 80s. How could exile one be called a zouk band when the fast zouk beton wasn't even born?

When the band repertoire was compas or cadence mostly?

Cabo verde has been influenced by meringue-compas since the early 70s. Listen to Tito Paris.

Kizomba and has no zouk but compas promoted as zouk.

Finally the zouk is dead; zouk love is the French Antillean Compas music.

Allan Cave is a compas artist; his music is characterized by the team up of the drum-conga-cowbell, which constitutes the meringue-compas distinguishable feature.

Keeping up with that zouk affairs is pure narcissism.

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