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Bonjour Radio Caraib! Il semble que la reflexion d' Arnell Belizaire sur Le senateur Dumont a ete travesti or mal interprete. Il a raison. Dumont est un margouilleur. Allez voir... more »
Darnel St Louis, 05/21/19 1:56 PM
What happened to conze? more »
Terrance Thompson, 03/26/19 12:37 AM
This town was named after my thurd great-grandfather, Dumassil Pérodin, who was a colonial settler who emigrated from France. He built a plantation and the area of that... more »
Nancy Helis, 03/11/19 11:22 PM
Hi how are you doing today my name dian brathwaite my in new York more »
Dian Braithwaite, 03/07/19 12:48 PM
Iblieve there is apeacefull way of getting rid of jovenel, and realizing the tambulalaza thereafter,,, mim qhe americain gin zam ak larmee we can defeat the system,only stay home... more »
Frantz Nicolas, 03/06/19 11:48 PM
Je suis un Clergé. Je dessers l'église Méthodiste El-Shaddai à Fort-Myers en Floride. Aussi, Je travaille comme Directeur Général du Centre... more »
Max Marmontel, 03/06/19 5:54 PM
So they have a Haitian restaurant there in Mount Olive? more »
Arid Schenck, 03/04/19 12:54 PM
So I want to get a divorce in Haiti and suppose if my x husband don't appear what will happen will I still be grant my divorce papers my email is Kfilsaime23 [at] more »
Kasrielle, 02/07/19 8:22 PM
hi guys I licke to orde my birthcertificate will you chippine for iame leaving in new jeursey so my address 138 springfiel ave on Irvington nj 07111 ok sign... more »
Mackendy Guerrier, 01/30/19 9:43 AM
Kapwa Lamo neg Desyem Seksyon Lapointe Port de paix the greatest haitian independence hero!!! more »
J Calixte, 01/12/19 1:41 PM
This is what some of the petrocaribe dollars could of been used for. But on a more serious note s sewage system should also accompany a water plant and the Government could... more »
Dannyx, 11/07/18 9:56 PM
For Immediate Release West Palm Beach, FL (November 1, 2018) - Palm Beach Haitian Heroes Hosting Francois Nicolas Duvalier in West Palm Beach, FL. Palm Beach Haitian Heroes will... more »
Palm Beach Haitian Heroes, 11/02/18 1:02 PM
I was thinking about Jojo today, just popped into my head. I met Jojo through my best friend when I was younger. Might have been more than 20-25 years ago. Got into a little club... more »
Daniel, 10/18/18 12:52 PM
Wow... Was not aware we had this tradition at all, I often thought of why us Haitians didn't have a wedding traditions. If I ever decide to have a second wedding, I would want to... more »
Mildred Colas, 10/16/18 11:19 AM
This tea is great. every obe should try it. more »
Josmene Guerrier, 10/15/18 11:25 PM
What's judge phone number more »
Mitzie, 09/30/18 8:33 PM
My birth name is Beatrice Volel. I am the daughter of Suze Prepetit and Eddy Volel (brother of the late Yves Volel). I want to inform the Haitian Community of a serious issue in... more »
Koylee, 09/28/18 8:03 AM
Madame Duvalier, J'aimerais prendre contacte avec vous etant donner que vous voulez apparamment l'hoenur des Duvaliers. J'habite les Etats Unis aux alentours de Washington DC et... more »
Jp, 09/16/18 10:13 PM
Fascinating article! You wrote "In his form as Baron Samedi", does this imply that Papa Ghede and Baron Samedi are one and the same according to Haitian Voodoo, or is it the same... more »
Zo, 08/30/18 2:18 PM
It's so sad to see a great legend die like that. I hope her death help change the medical care in Haiti. more »
Ednanua, 08/23/18 11:07 PM

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