RE: How Haiti can make good use of all these former Presidents

Nestor Mateo - November 19 2013, 12:51 AM

I rather say:

"None of the above".

They all had their chance to make a good government for Haiti and the Haitians, including some of former Haitian presidents have ruled the country for more than once, and they cannot be recognized for doing the best job that they should have done.

I would be inclined to create a task force of national and foreign personalities, specialists, engineers and technicians, it is, an interdisciplinary team composed of people from different levels and specialties, to prepare a national development plan, as never before has been made in Haiti; which shows that in Haiti "Yes It can be done"; that ensures the participation of small producers in the countryside and the urban areas (farmers and small industrialists); which add value to agricultural products that are not with exportable quality; that guarantees the introduction of Fair-Trade practice; that ensures training facilities, financing and guaranteed market for local production and, finally, that ensure the real welfare of the people in need.

This is the only way, in my opinion, that we can change the course of history for Haiti.

Out of the former Haitian presidents who are still alive, I would just invite to help in the preparation of this plan and in its execution those presidents who, for reasons beyond their control and intentions, were unable to complete their term in office, for what they have to be given the benefit of the doubt.

For they did not complete their term completely, we would not know if they were going to do well or not. I do not mean that they would have to return to be president of Haiti as a condition for them to cooperate.

No, no. I simply mean that they could be taken into account in order to help in the reconstruction of Haiti...

in all of the aspects necessary to rebuild the country with socio-economic prosperity.

I mean to finally provide Haiti of a comprehensive, participatory and sustainable socioeconomic development plan, containing the following elements:

- Helping the country to meet the Millennium Development Goals of the UN as soon as possible, starting with the first one: The Eradication of Hunger and Extreme Poverty.

- Food and food security for all (at an affordable price).

- Comprehensive education.

- Adequate health services.

- Social Justice.

- The three primary objectives of the struggle that the Haitian Founding Fathers had: Freedom, Independence and Racial Equality among blacks, mulattos and whites.

- Public safety.

- Industrialization and electrification of the whole country.

- Good vial communication.

- Prioritization in the construction of civil works for infrastructure development.

- Transparency in tendering of all State construction works.

- Delivery of government land to small farmers (poor peasants with family), assuring them with perpetual usufruct right, entitling them transfer rights to their descendants who promise to continue their agricultural works, but without entitling them the right to transfer the land to third parties in exchange for money or other benefits or compensation.

- Government assistance programs for micro and small producers.

- Continuation of the State (so the successive government authorities give continuation to projects undertaken and, that if they would make changes to any projects, they do it to improve them in an honest and productive way).

- Among other things.

If invited, I would be a volunteer to work on developing a national project like this, where everyone can win, especially those who are last in the row of the distribution of the benefits that would come to Haiti provided we do the right thing.

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