Do we Haitians have what it takes to be Entrepreneurs?

Jano Jaclin - October 13 2015, 1:18 PM

The citizens of a country are often the products of their environment.

The same is true for Haiti and its business environment.

Although there are great opportunities in Haiti to make money while providing needed services to the population, because of the way we grew up, we are not likely to take advantage of these opportunities.

It will take someone Denis O'Brien to realize that Haiti offers a unique opportunity for him to make millions in Cellphone.

For Haitian, one opportunity is to make sure there is no electricity during soccer games so that they can offer the game exclusively for a huge fee. I heard that sometimes these people get together with employees of the local Electricity company not to give electricity during the game in a certain area. The profit is the split with people in the company

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Do we Haitians have what it takes to be Entrepreneurs?

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