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Re: Will The Next Prime Minister Be Dr. Garry Conille?

Well,Haiti needs a prime minister who is aware of Haitians' situation,someone who's a patriot,who is sensitive,somebody who loves Haiti and Haitian people.He must not be stingy... more »

Re: Will The Next Prime Minister Be Dr. Garry Conille?

To me, Dr.Gary Conille seems having some pretty good knowledge in the matter of "medicine." Is he competent in political matter to furnish the president the possible advice to... more »

Re: Demands Of 16 Senators To Michel Martelly Made Public

I am neither for the president nor for the parliament. In fatc, I am for change.Martelly has to work in collaboration with the senators to do what is good for Haitian people not... more »

Re: Is Michel Martelly Planning On The Dissolution Of Parliament?

Michel Martelly se betiz li konn di sou cha.Se yon bann gwo moun rich, ki pa menm ayisyen,ki mete ak Martelly,ki achte eleksyon an nan men K-E-P,plan yo se pou retounen ak rejim... more »

Re: Video - Live Footage Of The Arrival Of Jean-Claude Duvalier In Haiti

Well, I do not know what to say. A wicked man, criminal, and a theft like that Jean Claude, Duvalier brought back to Haiti by the united states, and france. Those countries don't... more »

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