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Why wasn't Jean Bertrand Aristide Present in Gonaives?

I think Jean Bertrand Aristide don't want to remind the history of Amiot Metayer. The people resident of Raboteau never forget this guy. I know if he was there they could express... more »

U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees takes position on Dominican crisis

An nou di moun ki te kraze lame ya yon gwo mesi se sak fe joune jodia Sen Domeng we nou pa gen lame li anvi pile zotey nou. more »

World Vision Reforestation Project to bring back Farmlands

Neg sa vle fe tout bagay e lot yo?Lap bat pou neg ki vin aprel yo jwenn yon Ayiti "Perle des Antilles".Menm si mouin ap rablaba, mwen se travay lap trvay. Alon neg Papa... more »

jean-Bertrand Aristide has betrayed the Haitian people

I think it is true. jean-Bertrand Aristide has betrayed the people confidence. He is a vindictive man.Everybody hoped he was a Moise.Nevertheless, He is a real devil that... more »

Senate Wencesclas Lambert and Senator Simon Dieuseul Desras

When you're crazy you have possibility to know who is crazy.I think Senator Wencesclas Lambert, in advance, imagines what will happen to the Senator Simon Dieuseul Desras in... more »

RE: Simon Dieuseul Desras ale Pote Plint Pou Matelly nan Chile

Se bon pou yo,Yo pa fe diferans ant lwa nan peristil ak lwa lachanm. more »

It is true

Pito Moise jN CHWAL te yon chwal yo ta montel.Li sanble yon bourik e poutan yo sot menm jan. more »

Re: American Embassy, USA Passport PUSA0439112330 Not For Haitian...

Sa se yon krim kont limanite le nou konprann yon ansyen Majistra vole kochon konsa ap retade yon peyi kap soufri konsa.Sa fe ansyen vole Milo sa a pa panse a moun kap soufri apre... more »

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