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Haitian Entrepreneur Jean-Paul Coutard built second bus

Compliman ak tout piman pou jen n antreprene Ayisyen Jean-Paul. Mswete l jwenn tout Sipo posib poul kontinye e reyisi ak bel inisyativ saa, se pou Bondye GranMet la gadel e bay... more »

Privately run city, International Financial Center plan for La Gonave Island

M panse se yon tres Bon projet, kap ede Ayiti soti anba soudevlopman. more »

RE: Michel Martelly, I will leave with no regret, desire or attachment

Kote moun ki renmen Ayiti yo, lape, pwogre ak estabilite. Annoy antann nou rekonsilye yon ak lot; annoy konstri ansanm pou nou kiye yon meye sosyete pou jenerasyon kap monte yo! more »

RE: New Poll, Joven Moise should have been in Fourth position

Was this poll made only in metropolitan Port-au-prince, in that casee the populationl in the country side is not represented more »

Jovenel Moise would have wan 53 percent of the vote

Well,at this point the wisest thing to do is to wait for the electoral council to give the true results of the election. We do hope the give us the exact results. more »

Jean Bertrand Aristide and Maryse Narcisse, last day campaign

After destroying the country for more than 25 years, the country does not need an other Lavalas, that would be the end of the country. more »

What do you think is likely to happen on voting day in Haiti?

It is passed time for Haitian of the first black Republic come together to help the country go forward. We will go no where with those traditional politicians who just think of... more »

The 209th anniversary of the death of Jean-Jacques Dessalines

Merci a J.J.Dessalines, merci aux heros de l'independance more »

Should we trust Presidential polling in Haiti

On what basis did Dumarsais Cimeus think that Moise is the best candidate. If Haiti has this candidate as it's president this would be the worst thing that would happend to the... more »

The city of Arcahaie on fire as cars, buildings continue to burn

Wi li le pou pep Haitien an komanse sicilise. Nou pa dwe aki tankou sovaj ki selman konnen koman pou yo detwi. more »

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