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RE: Video Live - First Interview By Michel Martelly With The Press -...

The newly elected president, Michel Martelly is not a politician, but native (natal) Haitian. He knows the past Haitians politicians and what they have done wrong. They are all... more »

RE: Major Changes In Haiti Political Landscape With The Election Of...

What about the grading information on Haitian Politicians for the past 50 years on the following: Misuse of power, Discrimination, Democracy, Prejudice, Mediocrity, Exploitation... more »

RE: The Real Reason Why Jean-Bertrand Aristide Was Not Supposed To Be In...

DESOLE SIR...Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!Hey! You are deeply wrong; according to the constitution two mandates for ten years Mr. Aristide never completed the two mandates. more »

RE: The Airplane Carrying Jean-Bertrand Aristide Has Landed In Haiti

VOTEZ: Jean-Bertrand Aristide *PRESIDENT* Mirlande Manigat Charles Henri Baker Michel Martelly Wyclef Jean Jean-claude Duvalier more »

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