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Re: Port-au-Prince The Envy Of Caribbean, A 3.3 Billion Dollars Plan

We should all appreciate that, that"s for the first time a plan has been built, so dont criticize anything but appreciate it.It makes my heart beat. I dream to see an beautiful... more »

RE: Jean Pierre Batiste AKA Jean Tatoune Announced Manifestation

e too, he article would be nicer if they said:They were working for Jean Bertrand Aristide too. more »

Re: NGOs And Religious Organizations Selling Haitian Misery - The...

Well, Well no comments, except I want say: It's time, it's time, for us as Haitians, to change our country where people will stop treating us "as poor" with humiliation, but it... more »

RE: The Real Reason Why Jean-Bertrand Aristide Was Not Supposed To Be In...

You are wrong, he can't because according to the constitution after two mandates you can't have a third one. more »

Re: Video - First Video Of Jean-Bertrand Aristide In Haiti

Mwen pè anpil pou Haiti, paske kan Aristide pale de la pè konen pwal gen la gè. I start to be scared for Haiti, because when Aristide talks about peace, knowing... more »

RE: The Airplane Carrying Jean-Bertrand Aristide Has Landed In Haiti

Li pa janm kite koken lap fè tivwa l byen dous poul blofe moun, e li blofe anpil moun vre wi, men mwen swete yon jou yo juge kriminel sa yo. Qui frappe par l'épée... more »

Re: Michel Martelly Is Getting Closer And Closer To Become The Next...

Don't worry, there will be crying in this election. most people who said they are going to vote for MArtelly, don't have any electoral card. more »

Re: Haitian Woman, Cecilia Laurent, Oldest Woman In The World At 115...

NO she is not the oldest Woman in the world but one of the oldest, because I saw last month a woman in Cuba who celebrated her 126 years birth. Find out! more »

RE: Jean-Bertrand Aristide Will Be In Haiti Before March 20

Wow Ou genlè fek pran nesans, se 2 manda Aristid te pran li pa janm fin yonn, poukisa? Se paske li se yon demagog, yon moun ki wè tèt li ak pouvwa li. Epi nou menm... more »

RE: Haitian Government Ready To Issue Diplomatic Passport To...

Kilès ki te mande pou ONI vini? ou blye si se blan ki tap bay Aristide sekirite lèl te prezidan? Ou di lap vinn met la pè, si neg sa vini Haiti se lè sa pwal... more »

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