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RE: Please Jude Celestin Say Something To The Provisional Electoral...

you get it ecxactly right the made the country the way it is and make fun of haitien the poorest country but every celection they are there to choose. more »

Re: Jude Celestin Is Expected To Withdraw From Race On Wednesday

this what they call corruption by the US,CANAD,FRANCE,they try and no one can use ourself to sell haiti we need to make sure other country don't tell us what to do like the same... more »

RE: OAS Not Happy With Ricardo Seitenfus For Criticizing MINUSTAH Role In...

when we need haiti to change,that will be the first part,so if we can not send them out in the country we will never get resolte.they paid for doing nothing but who they are to... more »

Re: Is Jean-Claude Duvalier In Haiti For Financial Reasons

this one thing og their plan so we will forget,we will never forget the pass just like wi will never forget 1804.So we can play too just like they do after all this finish most... more »

Re: Why Did Jean-Claude Duvalier Really Return To Haiti?

next charpter will be preval going to jail for all the money he hide for when he will went on vacation.most of is ministers who work for him,next UN NEED TO ban from haiti they... more »

Re: Jean-Bertrand Aristide Say I Want To Go Back To Haiti Too - Watch...

this man pay for trust people he shouldn't trust.what is more funny no one can do anything.They can pretanded like they doing some thing and we know they are not doing anything... more »

Re: Video - Live Footage Of The Arrival Of Jean-Claude Duvalier In Haiti

this is democracy in action,a man who kill lot of it people,still most of the money now he love haiti give me a brake,that white lose so the only card the can play is this so who... more »

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