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RE: Haitian immigrant with Olympic Torch in Brazil carries

a good news in a middle of bad news. good luck for him. more »

RE: Roro Nelson unable to justify Security provided by six PNH officers

this issues should be raise with the head of the PNH. more »

Mass Looting at the National Palace last Night

very difficult. the national palace has it own guard USGPN and a special team. how could people enter and looting. difficult. more »

RE: Lamothe's attorney, Salim Succar plans to appeal judges' decision

tant que nous nous maintenons dans les possibilities legales, nous marquons des progres. Dans les temps anciens (moins de 50ans, moins de 15ans), nous serions deja en guerre... more »

Jean-Mary Gabriel dies of asthma attack, having forgotten his pump

very, very sad... he give me my good humor each morning at radio caraibe with its phrase and the way he perceived the society of Port-au-Prince and Petion-Ville. Va en paix, I... more »

RE: Haitian volunteers banned from going to African countries to fight Ebola

a very bad decisions in all senses. Haiti has no right to refuse assistance to Africans. Cuba has sent a team of 86 to help. the US in sending troops. "doctors out of border" are... more »

Will Laurent Lamothe receive Discharge from Senate to run in Next Election?

not just the senate... It should be a commission of the parliament formed with members of the chamber and the senate. Very complicated... the chamber is out waiting elections. more »

Mgr Langlois Chibly, New Haitian Cardinal

Two good news for a country so affected. Hope this will continue. For the new cardinal, we will pray God and the Holy saint to light him in his decision. more »

RE: The phenomenon of "Rache Manyok" in Haiti, a perpetual movement

One should have a good reading of the book "quand la nation demande des comptes". Rache manioc is long Haitian tradition. leaders, social and politics, should work to stop this... more »

RE: Deputy Fritz Gerald Bourjolly uncontrollable During Finance Committee Meeting

Haitians are copying the bad behaviors seen on other civilizations without understand them. The curious thing is those special behaviors have some success in the public. Civil... more »

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