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Marie Lucie Tondreau suspended as Mayor of North Miami

well, well, well. Very particular situation for the Haitian Americans who voted her. the lesson: we should do more research on our leaders. women or not. more »

American Airlines to start flying to Cap-Haitian in September

certainly from Miami and/or NYC, except if AA come with American Eagle. One should remind that the airport has been financed by a loan of BANDES to the government of the past... more »

Seven CEP Members swear to implement provisions of electoral law

the issue is we are still waiting for the electoral law. belanger is far to be a lavalas member. more »

The Haitian Senate is feeling the heat to get on with Election

don't be so short... the executive branch has the total responsibility to facilitate the electoral process. At the end of the game, it will be blame and punish for not having the... more »

Why do Haitian Politicians love power so much?

All politicians all over the world "love" powers and influences but they are limited by the organization of their society. In Haiti, it is still the opposite, society is to... more »

Did you know that Haiti vetiver is known all over the world?

oh yes and back in the 40 with its introduction by Louis Dejoie. The sad face... we have not developed an industry. But its total export is not important to be a driven force. more »

Haitian the highest approving population for U.S. job performance and leadership

not totally right for Haiti. the government plays a complex game with one of the conflicting country of LA, Venezuela. the government is in favor of Maduro and participates (with... more »

RE: Senator Wencesclas Lambert broke Daniel Theodore's teeth

one should take that with profound thought. this happen in other countries but for the high interest of the nation. more »

A shift by Vatican in Hispaniola as new cardinal elected

one should not go so far. more »

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