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RE: Some of the Health benefits in consuming Cloves or Haitian Jirof

Based on Sanator Margolis remark it is obvious that she regards Haitians as sub-humans. What the Haitians in the area should do is to pull their resources and their know together... more »

RE: Haiti to officially become member of the African Union in June

This a great move to integrate Haiti in the A U. Haiti stands to benefit fully from such an alliance symbocally or otherwise. This is show of unity with our African brothers and... more »

RE: Judgement of Debet issued to 16 High government officials in Haiti

This provisional government needs to make sure that they are accountable for every dollar that is being spent under their watch.The time will come for them to give a detail... more »

RE: Newsletter Confirmation

I am very happy of this great arrangement of receiving news from my beloved country and about my fellow county men in this way. Thank you very much I appreciate it. more »

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