1801 Constitution of Saint-Domingue, Haiti

The Constitution of Saint-Domingue Haiti was signed in 1801 by Governor-General for Life Toussaint L'Ouverture, the ruler of Hispaniola before Haiti became a republic.


Title I. Refers to the colony of Saint-Domingue, the seat of cities and neighboring islands, subject to French rule. Sets up the divisions of departments, arrondissements, and parishes.

Title II. Abolishes slavery, introduces anti-discrimination rules, and employment rights.

Title III. Establishes Christianity as the official religion of the colony. Forbids men of God from organizing for political reasons.

Title IV. Protects the legal rights of spouses as long as they remain faithful and their children born of their sanctified or civil union.

Title V. Guarantees the constitutional rights of people and protects property rights.

Title VI. Protects agriculture activities and the rights of each contributor to reap the fruits of their labor.

Title VII. Establishes the Central Assembly of Saint-Domingue, its requirements under law, and tax laws pertaining to its revenue receipts. Also sets number of assembly- member representatives from each department and their terms in office.

Title IX. Sets up court system and appoints judges for life. Establishes legal processes for military court martials.

Title X. Sets up local governments, terms in office, and municipal obligations.

Title XI. Imposes strictures on the National Army, establishes the state police agency, and its supporting divisions.

Title XII. Establishes tax and revenue regulatory requirements, and assessments of property transactions under French protection.

Title XIII. Protects resident domiciles, civil rights, and uprisings against the government.

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