State-of-the-Art Communal Fishing Center Opens in Marigot

Marigot, a coastal village of Haiti, has just launched its new fishery, supported with funds by the Spanish Cooperation, in the amount of $90,000. In early February 2013, opening ceremonies were held to celebrate the event. In attendance were Jesus Gracia Aldaz, Director-General for Fisheries, Health, and Animal Production; Michel Chancy, Minister of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Development; and agronomist Pierre-Guy Lafontant, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Rural Development.


The fishery, the Communal Fishing Center, is part of a regional project that will eventually build four more fisheries in the Southeast Department.

Pierre-Guy Lafontant handled administrative duties of construction, while Project Manager Wilner Romain, an engineer-agronomist, oversaw the project. The fishery intends to be part of the plan to improve the economy of the Southeast Department.

The center houses a retail store, stocked with fishing products for the professional fisherman. Among the new technologies that are being introduced is the Fish Aggregating Device (FAD), a method built to lure fish, promising to raise catches by almost 300%. The fishery also contains desalination baths, freezers, and processing equipment. In addition, professional fishermen will hold instruction classes to help local fishermen become adept at using the new technologies.

What this fishery and others like it in the region means is the opportunity for the local populace to benefit by increased domestic product as well as exportation to foreign markets. Photos taken of the just-opened fishery reveal state-of-the-art equipment and a well-designed assembly line that will process catches more efficiently.

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