Allegation of Rape by Josue Pierre-Louis, CEP President on Danielle Bernadin

Aside from being contested, the Permanent Electoral Council (CEP) is facing another challenge as its chief, Josue Pierre-Louis, is now being accused of rape. According to reports, Danielle Bernadin, a secretary at the Ministry of the Interior, claimed that Pierre-Louis raped her in his private estate in Tabarre on November 26.


Danielle Bernadin, also called as "Danny" in the office, said that the CEP chief had always picked her up and dropped her off after work. On the date of the alleged crime, however, Pierre-Louis reportedly took a detour, asking Bernadin to help him download applications for his new iPhone. At the estate, Bernadin was reportedly downloading applications when Pierre-Louis suddenly came in the room, carrying two assault rifles. The chief allegedly demanded for Bernadin to show him her mobile phone, which he believed to have been carrying sensitive government information. The victim claimed that Bernadin beat her up and then raped her. She added that she tried screaming for help but no one came.

In order to defend himself, Pierre-Louis hired lawyer Reynold Georges, who represented famous political figures such as Jean Claude Duvalier and Sophia and Olivier Martelly. Georges said the relationship between his client and the 27-year-old government sectary was "passionate," adding that the alleged victim was actually involved in a crime of espionage. Reports also revealed that Pierre-Louis actually filed a complaint against Danielle Bernadin before the alleged crime happened as he accused her of illegally accessing his personal and confidential information.

The issue did not sit well with the Solidarity for Haitian Women Organization, which condemned the alleged crime, saying that even if the two had a relationship, it is still not right to rape and beat someone. Charges have yet to be officially placed on Pierre-Louis.

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Subject: Allegation of Rape by Josue Pierre-Louis, CEP President on Danielle Bernadin edit

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