Anti-Gay Demonstrators Say God against Same-Sex Unions

The Gay Rights Movement in the U.S. has motivated Haiti's religious groups to stage an anti-homosexual march. The event that touched a nerve within the Christian community was the Supreme Court's ruling. The Court says forbidding gays to marry is unconstitutional, at least in the state of California.


All religious denominations participated in the march. They displayed signs with homophobic messages written on them, and emotions ran high. The marchers warned they would set Parliament on fire if senators and deputies voted in favor of same-sex marriage.

One demonstrator asserted his belief God forbids same-sex coupling. Furthermore, he said God would take his revenge on the Christian community if they permit a proposal to legalize same-sex marriage pass into law.

Advocates for homosexual rights set off a firestorm surrounding the same-sex marriage debate when they spoke with the media. At the press event, they complained about the rise in threatened physical violence toward gays. They criticized, as well, the planned anti-gay demonstration. Moreover, the advocates felt the religious right was over-reacting to the same-sex marriage issue.

In Haiti, the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender (LGBT) community is minute and stays out of public view. This is due to the taint associated with homosexuality and its variants. Alarm at potential gay bashing and dismissal from jobs is another reason for remaining underground. The LGBT community avoids reporting incidents of abuse to the police. The reason is LGBT members have been targeted by police and the judicial system's blatant prejudice.

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