Philippe Dodard, The Idea of Modernity in Haitian Contemporary Art

From September 14, 2013 through to December 7, 2013, the work of the world renowned Haitian artist, Philippe Dodard, will be on display at the Community Folk Art Center. The exhibit, curated by fellow artist and student, Babacar Mbow, will mark the start of the fall exhibition season for the Art Center.


The 59 year old Dodard, who hails from Port-au-Prince, has had his works exhibited throughout the Americas as well as Europe, showing a progression from his earlier forms, to his growth into the world of iron work, jewelry design and sculptures. His art has always taken on the views and emotions he felt living through some of Haiti's most turbulent political times. As such, the world watched as his opinion of the 1986 rebellion against the Haitian government became apparent in his brushstrokes, and marveled at the heights of eloquence he achieved with his structures of metal and totems of wood.

Even as a child in school, Dodard showed a great aptitude for art. In 1966, while a student at the Junior Seminary of ST. Martial's College, he took home first prize for the drawing contest. He would later go on to seriously study art, attending such schools at the PotoMitan Art School, alongside Jean-Claude Garoute (Tiga), Frido Casimir and Patrick Vilaire. He then studied at the Academy of Fine Arts before working as a layout artist and starting a graphic arts studio.

The exhibition is called, 'The Idea of Modernity in Haitian Contemporary Art' and is set to feature Dodard's work, as well as talent from other Haitian artists like, author Elsie Augustave, and violinist Daniel Bernard Roumain.

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