Biometrics in Canada Used for Haitian Entry into the Country

A new science called biometrics is changing the way governments verify a person's identity for entry into their country. This process is now in application for Haitian entering the country . It consists of taking fingerprints, facial characteristics, iris recognition, retina, and body scents with software applications, designed for such purposes.


Canada will begin checking biometric identities beginning September 4, 2013 each time a foreigner presents a visa or permit to stay in the country for a specified amount of time. Canada has a large number of the Haitian Diaspora living in the country--and more arriving every day--and they will be subject to biometric verification.

The idea behind the use of biometrics for verification purposes is to ensure protection against forging, stealing, or utilizing an expatriate's identity to steal into Canada. Biometrics can easily verify an individual's identity as uniquely theirs.

The Port-au-Prince visa application center processes applications for visas, study or work permits. They also take a biometric scan of their identity. This process guarantees an efficient processing at the border.

Biometrics is also used in other businesses, such as amusement parks. Fingerprints are captured by a sensor to protect visitors in case loss of a ticket or theft occurs. The scammer will not be able to use the ticket, since the original user already has their identification embedded, and a sensor will detect a false reading.

One concern about biometric technology is privacy violations. A thin line exists between identification used for individual protection, from using information for other purposes.

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