Bruno Blanchet

Bruno Blanchet is a prominent Haitian who was the Acting President of the Republic of Haiti. He was nick named in French as Bruno Blanchet the Elder which means one thousand seven hundred sixty. He was experienced and important personnel of Jean-Jacques Dessalines government of Haiti.


Emperor Dessalines was assassinated while he was about to make an important reform about former landless slaves of the state. His decision made a lot of senior staff of the government angry and he was killed, as a result, in 1806 by his staffs including Alexandre Petion, Jean-Pierre Boyer, Andre Rigaud, Bruno Blanchet and some others.

Among the staffs who were engaged with the Dessalines assassination he was given the power of Acting President who kept the incident of assassination secret from Henri Christophe who was in North at that time. He used to work as the intermediary between all.

Bruno was acting president between January 19, 1807 and March 10, 1807. In his short term of Acting Presidency he changed the constitution of the country and Haiti was declared a republic and there would be a president and a senate. He also distributed the power quite rigidly between these two positions of the new republic.

Military backed government was formed in the country and Blanchet was the Secretary General and Alexandre Petion was the President of the Government. However, Emperor Henri Christophe, who was in North, could not accept the South as a republic. Consequently, Christophe attempted to seize power of Southern part of Haiti.

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