Marjorie Vincent, Haitian Model

She is one of the women who have been over the years acclaimed to be the people to watch out for. Marjorie Vincent has had a successful career where she was a modeling person before getting settled on other areas of her interests.


Marjorie has over the years been able to get what she wanted by simply going for it any time she needed something. This is the main reason why she must have reached to where she is currently. She was born by Haitian parents after they had immigrated to the states. She was the first child to be born in America and as such she is an American. They lived in Illinois where the parents took them to school.

Marjorie Vincent got interested in modeling in these early years and in 1990 she won the title of Miss Illinois. She then partook in the ensuring beauty pageant that came afterwards and that she won to become Miss America in 1991. She hence forth became a different person more oriented and headed to a particular direction with a specific goal in mid.

Marjorie Vincent even changed her degree program and followed a journalism career where she even got a job later as a news anchor at WGBC in Meridian, Mississippi in October 1993. She then followed her career goals to WHOI in Peoria, Illinois, and the Ohio News Network in Columbus, Ohio where for the next 6 and more years she worked. By the year 2008 she was completing her law degree in the university. She is set out for greater and better things in the near future and may be the next woman to watch out for.

Marjorie Vincent, model, Miss America, Haitian
Marjorie Vincent is a model of Haitian descent who became Miss America.

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