Business Etiquette In Haiti - Greeting At Meetings

How would you communicate with Haitian business people? How do you engage them in talks? And how can you break the ice during business meetings? These might be the questions circling your mind when you are about to go on a meeting with Haitian professionals.


Haiti Business Etiquette

First and foremost, greeting business associates during a meeting is necessary as it is a sign of respect. Haitians shake each other's hands to greet one another during a business meeting. This way, you can acknowledge each other. It is also advisable to give out your business card prior to the start of the discussion.

In Haiti's business culture, a meeting doesn't start by immediately discussing the business. The meeting often begins with small talks. It is safe to talk about families when breaking the ice rather than discuss sensitive topics such as politics.

While proper greetings are essential, it is the same thing when it comes to bidding goodbye to business associates. Shaking hands can also be done at the end of the meeting so as to leave on a good note.

Remember that proper greetings, simple as they may be, play a crucial role in establishing yourself as a businessman. If you do not want to be seen as a snob and impolite person, you should always greet the other person at the start of the meeting. This also helps you create a good image, which can affect other people's first impression on you. Keep in mind that first impressions are important because they can last.

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