Business Etiquette In Haiti - Gender Division In The Labor Market

Men and women hold certain jobs in Haiti. This is because there are jobs wherein women are not allowed in and there are jobs that are solely for them. For instance, men dominate the labor and business market. They are allowed to work as laborers, mechanics, construction workers, and chauffeurs. Even if women are starting to achieve higher class professions, it is still men who often get jobs in schools, politics and medicine. Most school directors, pastors, and spiritual and herbal healers are also men. They are also responsible for livestock and garden care at households.


Haiti Business Etiquette

Women, on the other hand, are more associated with domestic tasks, including cooking and washing clothes. They also kind of dominate the health care sector, where almost all nurses are female. Women are also relied on when it comes to marketing and entrepreneurship. They are active in the fish, green produce and tobacco business industries.

When it comes to gender equality, women from poor areas are often seen as abused and oppressed. Those who come from the middle and upper classes receive the same treatment that women get in developed countries. However, those in lower classes receive low salaries. The number of jobs available to them is quite low too. Despite this though, women in rural areas are praised for their economic skills and role in their family. Because of the advantage they get from their marketing and entrepreneurial skills, they are the ones who manage the earnings of men. They also practically own the harvests that men reap.

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