Haiti at the Entrepreneur's Fair of Cuba

Recently, Mr. Ghisler Dugas, the Director General of Haitian Ministry of Trade and Industry (MCI) accompanying a delegation of Haitian entrepreneurs, visited the "Entrepreneurs' Fair" held between July 15 and 17, 2015, in Santiago, Cuba. About nine industrial entrepreneurs from Haiti visited the fair to represent their products like bouillon cube, pasta, beer, rum, milk, liquor cereals, Smartphone, etc. The government is hopeful of this initiative on many counts. It has the possibilities of drawing the interest of the Cuban importers, promote investment and explore new markets. Jude Hervey Day, the Haitian Minister of Trade and Industry has expressed his belief that the Haitian products have the potentiality to satisfy the needs of the Cuban people.


A Few months back, on February 13, the Obama administration has eased its 54 year old embargo on the communist led island and announced to re-establish diplomatic ties with Cuba. However, the U.S has laid down strict limits on the items that the U.S can now import from about 450,000 'self employed Cuban entrepreneurs', engaged in the production of small amounts of soap, furniture and other petty items. The U.S has specified the necessary framework and paperwork needed by the U.S importers to import from Cuba and that calls for an issuance of license of self employment to the Cuban exporters by the Cuban authority. Some optimists are of opinion that this move by the U.S may, in some ways, benefit South Florida. Various law firms and business groups have started discussing how the changes in the U.S policy can benefit them. Haiti has a strong presence in Cuba that dates back to the late 1790's, almost since the Haitian revolution. Creole is Cuba's second language; Havana Radio regularly broadcasts Creole programs. Recently, the Cuban government has stated that the absence of trade with the United States over the last five decades has amounted to more than $100 billion. Cuba's socialist policies have stunned growth. Cuba has long been ripe with opportunity for entrepreneurs; without a lot of freedom, so far there was none to take advantage of that situation.

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